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Vintage circa 1938 Doll & Co. Steam Engine


Vintage Doll and Co. Steam Engine .

This is a more than wonderful PRE WORLD WAR II (!) Doll steam engine.

Based on the shape and colors of the trademark decal that is still present (see picture), it was built post 1938 but still pre WW2....

It is a single cilinder, horizontally mounted, engine and is in absolutely wonderful condition for its age.

It has a reduction gear on the crankshaft.

We acquired it in former East Germany and although it has a certain, minor, degree of play wear, it looks as it it has not been used since World War 2.

It looks to be fully operational but to be honest, I did not test it out of fear of ruining it.

The only downside is that the paint of the base of the kettle, which is made of pressed steel, has been burned by the heat of the burner and consequently it has a certain degree of surface rust there.

The kettle is fired by a kerosene or alcohol burner (see pictures) and probably somewhere in its life the burner tipped over and the burning fuel overheated the green bottom plate at the left side of the kettle house so the paint is somewhat darker there.

It comes complete with the following accessories:

  • The Burner
  • The Water Bucket
  • The Funnel
  • The Weight that goes on the Safety Valve

The fact that these, rare, accessories are still present shows how well cared this steam engine was for.