Vintage Toys Made In Japan

On this page you will find our offerings on vintage toys, made in Japan


Vintage 1950s Bandai Ferrari Super America Friction Drive


Vintage 1950's Bandai Ferrari Super America.

This is a vintage Made-in-Japan Bandai Ferrari Superamerica friction-drive car model.

Originally designed to be a toy of course, these have long become true collectors items.

It measures some 11 inches in length and is complete with the rare headlight cowls (VERY fragile!) but the wing mirror is missing and it has a crack in the rear window.

Some dents in the roof and 1 in the bonnet but a very presentable example of the rare Bandai Ferrari.

A truly SCARCE model!

Only one pc. available.

Vintage 1950s Asahi Tin-Plate Tow Truck Made In Japan


Vintage 1950's Asahi Tin-Plate Tow Truck, Made In Japan.

This is a 1950's tow truck in more than excellent shape.

It is a rudimentary design and looks to be based on a 1940's USA tow truck.

it has friction drive on the front wheels.

The tow hook is connected to a chain and is activated through a hand-crank mechanism.

It is marked "Made in Japan" on the right hand side of the bed (see picture).

It does not appear to have been played with and is in close to mint condition with some very minor surface rust on the inside of the bed.

It is some 22 cm or 8.75 inches long excluding the boom.

Vintage 1960s Ichiko Chevrolet Impala Ambulance


Vintage Ichiko Chevrolet Impala Ambulance.

Marked with the Ichiko trademark and "Made in Japan", this friction-drive Chevrolet Impala is in played-with condition but still very decent.

Pushing the car forward will energize the friction drive which in turn drives the car forward, sounds like a siren and lift the blue lights up an down.

The R.H. light does not move.

The hubcap of the L.H. rear wheel is missing.

Not as bad as it sounds! See pictures.

Unknown year but judging by the license plate my guess is that it is from around 1962.

Strong lithography and even the antenna is still there!

It measures approximately 7.5 inches or 19 cm in length.

Vintage 1960s 1970s Taiyo Melody Tower Made in Japan MIB


Vintage 1960's / 1970's Taiyo Melody Tower Made in Japan.

A great toy that dates back to the late 1960's when kids didn't need 3 game computers, 4 tv sets etc to have a good time!

This melody tower works by inserting the marbles, which are included into the top of the tower which then hit the various tone when they work their way down the tower.

The tower consists of 16 blocks, metal tone bars, 4 marbles, instruction sheet and its original box.

The instruction sheet includes instructions on how to play "Jingle bells", Twinkle, twinkle little star", "John had a little Indian", "London bridge is falling down", "Long long ago" and "Row, row, row your boat".

The tower stands some 34 cm or 13 inches tall.

It is in near mint condition and includes the original box.

Only 1 available.

Vintage 1960s 1970s Asahi Bulldozer Battery Operated AHK-105 MIB


Vintage 1960's / 1970's Asahi Bulldozer - Battery Operated AHK-105 MIB

A great toy that dates back to the late 1960's / early 1970's during the first wave of "plastic battery-powered" toys.

Issued by Asahi of Japan and produced in their Hong-Kong facility.

Mint in very decent box (slight discolorization to the box and the window in the box is of course very fragile after all these years.

Never played with!

The model is some 27 cm or 11 inches long and looks to be some kind of Caterpillar bulldozer.

Only 1 pc. available.