Cavallo Scrimante

Cavallo Scrimante 1/18 Scale Ferrari Model Elaborations.

Cavallo Scrimante is considered to be the # 1 Ferrari Model "Modifier" in The Netherlands.

The models are based on generic Bburago or Hotwheels models and are than modified to become copies of real-life cars.


1995 Ferrari F50 1/18 Scale Model by Cavallo Scrimante


1995 Ferrari F50 by Cavallo Scrimante.

Limited Edition of only 500 pcs.

This model, issued by Cavallo Scrimante of The Netherlands (The Netherlands Number One Ferrari model maker!) is based on a 1/18 scale Bburago 3352.

The car is an exact copy of the car with which Charles (Charlie) Kwan competed in the Super Sports Car Race preceding the Macau Grand Prix on November 18, 1995.

The car was delivered just in time to compete in the race and the mechanics had barely enough time to put on the sponsor decals so the can was entered more or less "out-of-the-box"!

The model received a decal set which is an exact replica of the decals as the care wore during the race.

The same car (i.e. in 1/1 scale) was later modified and raced again. Cavallo Scrimante also made a model of that car (CS97018).

This is a limited edition of 500 pcs, made in 1996.